Implementing Partner

Implementing Partner (IP)

They are the organizations that want to work with farmers and have regional expertise to enable Better Cotton Standard to be implemented with more sustainable farm applications in the field. They sign Implementing Partnership Agreement with BCI. They are responsible for creating a suitable environment for farmers to join the Better Cotton Standard System and grow and sell licensed Better Cotton.

In this context, Implementing Partners (IP) fulfill the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To select the project field(s) and find farmers to build projects to produce Better Cotton
  • Combining Small and Medium Farmers who want to produce Better Cotton, creating the production of Producer Units (PU), subgrouping farmers into Learning Groups (LG) in Small PUs.
  • To hire PU Manager and Field Facilitator (FF) personnel required to deliver and implement Better Cotton Standard at the site level; to support these staff in implementing Better Cotton Standard on-site.
  • To support the development of capabilities for the PU Manager and FFs to best fulfill their duties, to provide relevant and necessary resources, tools and training to carry out field activities.
  • To support PU Managers in installing and executing the Internal Management System.
  • To inform personnel on the Better Cotton Safety Model requirements, reports and deadlines; to ensure that the requirements are met, reports are submitted as requested and on the date.
  • To build a gradual (from PU to farmer and worker) training system to deliver an ideal capacity improvement program, to ensure that this system is running; to prepare and develop the training materials that are best suited for each stage in this system.
  • To support continuous progress at the farm level, to help PU Managers build and execute the Continuous Improvement Plan.
  • To identify risks by monitoring the results of capacity development activities and to measure the adoption levels.
  • To conduct continuous performance assessment by conducting Readiness Checks for the new PUs, and Support Visits for the licensed PUs.
  • To prepare a 3-year project plan and to run this plan as necessary.
  • To prepare an annual development plan and to run this plan as necessary.
  • To select and work with Local Partners when it is necessary and relevant.
  • To gather, share and collaborate on critical issues for a sustainable production.
  • Develop projects in line with sustainability goals, execute these projects; assist and contribute to projects of BCI, IPUD and other IPs.
  • To collect Better Cotton produced by the farmers in the project sites, to find ginner facilities for ginning and sales and to help farmers to participate in the BCI process.
  • To facilitate communication between the farmer and the ginner; following the transfer of license codes to farmers through the PU Managers, keeping Better Cotton separate from other cotton during the process from the farmer to the ginner; to train the staff on the principles of the Chain of Custody and ensuring that they deliver this training to farmers.


  • There are no restrictions to be a BCI Implementing Partner. However, IPs undergo and monitored through the authorization process that the BCI has conducted consistently and meticulously.
  • Producer organizations, government agencies, companies in the chain of custody, institutions and organizations such as non-governmental organizations can apply to be an IP.
  • All IPs are expected to be a member of BCI. This membership requires an annual subscription payment, unless otherwise specified by BCI.
  • BCI and IPs mutually adopt common management values such as transparency, common benefit, common responsibility, mutual respect, inclusion (Upper-lower approach) and farmer-centralism.
  • IPs are expected to have a strong Internal Management System: A robust management structure, strong human resources management, management information systems (HR, finance, budget data, etc.), monitoring and evaluation system, data management and reporting system, clearly defined common selection procedure.
  • To stay in touch with BCI and its strategic partner, IPUD, in line with the principles and requirements of partnership, and to execute the process.



You can contact us to be an Implementing Partner.