Ginning Enterprise



It is a system that supports and promotes supply by creating Better Cotton demand and wants to sell cotton products as a Better Cotton or BCI order following the BCI Chain of Custody Guidelines.

Better Cotton Chain of Custody requires Better Cotton to be physically separated from all other cotton which is produced by the Licensed BCI farmers at farmer and gin level. For the actors after the gin step, "mass balance" is followed and BCI orders are prepared with Better Cotton statement.

The role and responsibilities of our association within the Better Cotton Chain of Custody are at the level of the farmers and the gin. For detailed information on other chain of custody actors, you can contact the BCI Membership and Value Chain Country Team, contact information is available on the home page.


They are the organizations that purchase unseeded Better Cotton from licensed BCI Farmers, sell these unseeded cotton as fiber cotton after ginning them, enabling Better Cotton to be delivered to the chain of custody and carry out all these processes according to the BCI Chain of Custody Principles.

Requirements to be followed by Better Cotton/BCI ginners are explained in detail in the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Principles document. These shall be briefly as:

  • To assign at least one person responsible for compliance with the requirements of the Chain of Custody, who can save the necessary data to the Better Cotton Platform (BCP) and use this system, who can follow the necessary paperwork for traceability, can participate in the required training, and can assist monitoring/audit visits.
  • To ensure Better Cotton is physically separated and identified (on Visual/physical and document) from conventional (Traditional, other) cotton in all stages (Purchase, storage, processing/ginning, baling and selling).
  • To prove that the unseeded Better Cotton purchased came from the Licensed BCI Farmers, to ensure the backtracking of the fiber cotton bale produced/sold to the Licensed BCI Farmers purchased, to list all stages/processes from the farmer to the sale of fiber cotton.
  • To keep all records of purchase, storage, processing/ginning, baling and sales to ensure traceability and proof, keeping these records for at least two years.
  • To ensure that all relevant records and documents are true, accurate and consistent, and report on time, including the required information.
  • To provide Better Cotton purchase, storage, processing/ginning, baling and access to all areas of sale, any record or document relating to these transactions (Onsite or remote control) as part of monitoring visits by BCI or 3. party independent auditors approved by BCI.

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