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The cultivation of the cotton plant and its use in clothing are based on archaeological evidence 7000 years ago. The world has changed a lot since then. But the fact that the importance and function of cotton fiber has not changed shows us how strategic a product it is for humanity. Turkey's textile and ready-to-wear sectors, which have grown and developed over the years, are among the sectors that generate the largest export income and contribute the most to employment. Our association encourages the application of nature-friendly methods in the production phase of cotton, which is the indispensable raw material of this sector, and the provision of the criteria sought in today's conditions in matters such as occupational health & safety of employees. Global warming and the climatic changes it brings make it necessary for every company, producer and individual to carry out their activities with a sustainable perspective. Since its establishment in 2013, IPUD, whose member structure includes all stakeholders related to cotton, has been operating in cotton-growing regions of Turkey in order to ensure that cotton production is sustainable in environmental, economic and social terms, and on the other hand, to enable the textile and ready-made clothing sectors to be more competitive in the markets they export to. It ensures that they can procure a qualified raw material on their behalf. IPUD, which is the only authorized institution in Turkey for the implementation of the internationally accepted Good Cotton standard, continues its activities with the aim of ensuring that all our domestic cotton produced has sustainability standards, with the support and strength it receives from industry stakeholders.

Kind regards,

Fuat Tanman

Chairman of the Board