The founder of the Better Cotton Standard System, a holistic approach to sustainable cotton production in its environmental, social and economic aspects, is responsible for its implementation and execution in a global dimension. BCI is an international nonprofit organization, and is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world.

BCI is established to improve global cotton production for the people who produce it, the environment in which it is raised, and the future of the industry, with a joint effort from farmers to fashion and textile brands. It is an international initiative aimed at reducing the negative environmental and social impact of cotton production, making the future of the industry safer and more sustainable.

To achieve this goal, BCI’s approach is to continuously improve agricultural practices by equipping the farmer with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. In this way, farmers who produce, paying attention to the minimization of harmful effects of plant protection practices, management and effective use of water resources, care for soil health, protection and development of biodiversity, importance and protection of fiber quality, increasing the welfare of agricultural workers, produce in an international standard.

On June 19, 2014, our association signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and according to this agreement, IPUD is the only executive of the Better Cotton Standart System in Turkey.


The cotton produced by the farmers who are licensed by BCI since they found to be appropriate with the Better Cotton Principles and Criteria - Core Indicators according to the evaluations made by BCI or the 3. party independent auditors who have been approved by BCI, is called Better Cotton.

Better Cotton is a value added to cotton, the world-renowned sustainability quality standard.

Better Cotton is the cotton produced by Licensed BCI Farmers in sustainable ways that take care of people and the environment, water, soil health and natural habitat, and provide decent working conditions for workers.

Better Cotton is called as "İyi Pamuk" in Turkey.


  • Principles and Criteria: It determines how Better Cotton should be produced and its global definition within the framework of the 7 Basic principles.
  • Capacity Building: Allows farmers to get training and support in the Better Cotton production process through their experienced partners at the farm level.
  • Assurance Program: Allows farmers to get training and support in the Better Cotton production process through their experienced partners at the farm level.
  • Chain of Custody: Manages the relationship between supply and demand in Better Cotton’s supply chain.
  • Claims Framework: Sets the terms of use of the rights of the logo, label, etc. belonging to BCI that the BCI members want to use to create credibility and positive impact on their commitments.
  • Results and Influences:Monitors and evaluates the expected progress/change with Better Cotton production.

For more information, you can visit BCI website: https://bettercotton.org/